Glaro All Weather, Tarnish Proof Satin Brass Trash Receptacles
Glaro-Products.Com Features Quality Metal Furnishing for Demanding Public Places.

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Glaro Satin Brass Trash Receptacles
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Glaro Manufactures the Finest Public Furnishings Available. We Carry Every Product that Glaro Makes, Even if it does not appear on our website yet.

We Also Carry Replacement Parts for Glaro Products, Please Email Us with Your Request

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We accept most major credit cards and we gladly accept Purchase Orders for all Verifiable US Government (federal, state, or local) Offices, Universities / Educational Institutions as well as pre-qualified businesses.

Shipping Charges only apply to the Continental United States.

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Warrantee Information
All of Glaro's Products carry a limited two year manufacturer's warrantee against material defects and workmanship
Return Policy:
The return of merchandise must be authorized in writing and the return shipment must be received within 30 days of the original shipping date. All returns must be unused and returned with its original packaging marked with a return authorization number that we will provide for you. Some items are subject to a restocking fee.

Designer Color finishes are always made to order, therefore are not returnable.


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All Weather, Tarnish Proof
Glaro Satin Brass Waste Receptacles

Glaro Brass Trash Receptacles


The Only Satin Brass Trash Receptacles that are
 Even Outdoors... GUARANTEED!

With a Heavy Gauge Plastic Inner Liner!

Glaro All Weather Waste Receptacles feature a Classic, Satin Brass finish, and is designed with distinction, elegance and lasting durability. It's heavy gauge, beautifully finished "All Weather", rolled Aluminum construction will withstand years of use in even the most demanding environments.

The Satin Brass line of Glaro Products include matching Metal Planters, Wastebaskets, Cigarette Urns and Ash Trash Receptacles.

Don't confuse these with common garbage cans, this Glaro line is Institutional Grade sold to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions around the world. Additionally, every Waste Receptacle contains a tough, plastic inner receptacle for added longevity and floor protection.

Glaro Dome Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Dome Top Satin Brass
Trash Receptacle with Self Closing Cover

Glaro's classic design features a spring action, self closing aluminum flap. It enhances odor containment while keeping waste in its place.

12" - 8 Gal.

15" - 12 Gal.

15" - 16 Gal.

Glaro Open Dome Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Open Dome Top Satin Brass
Trash Receptacle

Glaro's open dome design keeps disposals simple while discouraging unsightly and unwanted accumulation on its top.

12" - 8 Gal.

15" - 12 Gal.

15" - 16 Gal.

Glaro Funnel Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Funnel Top Satin Brass Trash Receptacle

Glaro's practical solution for high traffic, fast action locations, this open funnel design conveniently encourages use by neatly guiding waste to the inside of the receptacle.

12" - 12 Gal.
15" - 16 Gal.
20" - 33 Gal.
Glaro Action Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Tip Action Top Satin Brass
Trash Receptacle with Self Closing Cover

Glaro's popular design incorporates a balanced, weighted Tip Action center disk flap that always quietly returns to center, closing the unit after each deposit, containing odors and unsightly trash within the metal unit.
12" - 12 Gal.
15" - 16 Gal.
20" - 33 Gal.
Glaro Ash Tray Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Satin Brass Combination
Ash/Trash Receptacles with Large Side Opening

This contemporary design features a large removable "ash tray" top. This upscale design encourages use simply by standing out in the crowd.

 15" - 10 Gal.
20" - 17 Gal.
Glaro Flat Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Flat Top Satin Brass Trash Receptacle
with Large Side Opening

A contemporary design for upscale locations, this modern receptacle attractive appearance encourages use simply by standing out in the crowd.
15" - 10 Gal.
20" - 17 Gal.
Glaro Donut Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Donut Top, Satin Brass
Combination Ash and Trash Receptacles

Glaro's DONUT TOP Series of Ash/Trash Receptacles provides both the sand trough for smokers and the litter opening for trash in the top for easy access and to maximize the inner trash capacity.
15" - 16 Gal.
20" - 33 Gal.
Glaro Canopy Top Brass Trash ReceptaclesGlaro Satin Brass Canopy Top,
Outdoor  Trash Receptacles

Designed for unpredictable outdoor use, although stylish enough for the finest lobbies. These Canopy Top models have a large funnel opening for easy use.

15" - 16 Gal.
20" - 33 Gal.
Glaro Ash Trash Top Brass ReceptaclesGlaro Satin Brass
Combination Ash / Trash Receptacles

This Classic is designed to coordinate perfectly with all other Glaro products. The cover can be used with or without sand. This model also incorporates a separate, removable inner refuse container to hold trash. A perfect choice.

Sand Top 9" - 3 Gal.
Funnel Top 9" - 3 Gal.
Glaro Smoker's Posts Brass Ash ReceptacleGlaro Indoor / Outdoor Satin Brass
Smoker's Post Ash Receptacles

A sleek, modern and durable solution for disposing cigarettes by your building's entrances. This contemporary design will compliment ALL other Glaro products
Smoker's Post  3½" x 42" with a 28lb. 14" Base
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